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Dead Nations

Current Wars

Third Silesian War

The Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Electorate of Hanover

People Harrison's Mistresses Dead People Political Ministerial Dynastic Legislative Military Battles Chivalric Titular
In Parliament Passed Failed
Alexander Sinclair, 1st Duke of the Northern Isles Jeyne Collins Oscar Hastings, 3rd Earl of Cambridge 1750 Election Cornwall Ministry Berkeley Calendar Act Liberty Act Navy of Britain Battle of St. Croix Order of the Garter Monarchy of Great Britain
Anne August, Duchess of York Anne Campbell Harrison of Great Britain 1754 Election Argyll-Hull Ministry Seymour Murder Act Traitor Act List of Regiments 1st Siege of Halifax Order of the Thistle Duke of Somerset
Archibald Hastings, 4th Earl of Cambridge Elizabeth Campbell John Gavarask, 1st Duke of Lancaster House of Commons Collins Reorganization Act Irish Wool Act Action of Bras d'Or Lake Order of St. Patrick Duke of Norfolk
Augustus Berkeley, 4th Earl of Berkeley House of Lords Citizenry Act Electoral Act 1st Battle of Chignecto Marquess of Hertford
Ciel Phantomhive, 1st Duke of Huntingdon Whig Party Representation of Certain Areas Battle of Plassey Earl of Berkeley
Edward Howard, 9th Duke of Norfolk Celtic Party Battle of Monongahela
Edward VII, King of Britain British Nationalists Battle of Grenada
George, Duke of Clarence People's Party Battle of St. Vincent
George Churchill, 2nd Duke of Marlborough Tory Party
George FitzClarence, 1st Earl of Munster Conservatives
Hugh Percy, 1st Duke of Northumberland Traditionalist Conservatives
Hunter Gronsky, 5th Duke of Kent
Jack Waters, Baron of Hull
Laurence Allaire, 1st Duke of Cornwall
Michael Collins, 1st Duke of Leinster
Owain ap Llewelyn, 2nd Duke of South Wales
Prince George, Earl of Chester
Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha
Princess Sophia of Prussia
Rebecca, Princess Royal
Richard Seymour, 7th Duke of Somerset
William Kerr, 1st Duke of Lothian and Edinburgh
William Joseph Seymour, Earl of Hertford
James Moreau, 3rd Duke of North Wales

The Kingdom of Spain

People Dead People Political Ministerial Dynastic Legislative Military Battles Chivalric Titular
In the Cortes Passed Failed
Ferdinand VI of Spain House of Bourbon-Anjou Navy of Spain
Antonio Curbelo de Castro Army of Spain
Arauco War

The Empire of Austria and Her Dominions

People Dead People Political Dynastic Military Chivalric Titualur Battles
Maria Theresia of Austria House of Habsburg-Lorraine Imperial Austrian Army